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18 things highly creative people do differently

25 Jun, 2015

By Coaching 4 Results

Here you have an interesting article about 18 things highly creative people do differently (read full article).

How many of these things do you do?


1. Daydream
2. Observe everything
3. Work the hours that work for them
4. Take time for solitude
5. Turn life’s obstacles around
6. Seek out new experiences
7. “Fail up”
8. Ask the big questions
9. People-watch
10. Take risks
11. View all of life as an opportunity for self-expression
12. Follow their true passions
13. Get out of their own heads
14. Lose track of the time
15. Surround themselves with beauty
16. Connect the dots
17. Constantly shake things up
18. Make time for mindfulness

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