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Fostering continuous development

It’s obvious that team leaders surrounded by independent employees will have more time to manage. Therefore fostering continuous development is key to increase autonomy, initiative and a sense of ownership. By asking “what can we learn from that?” or “what can we do next time different to get a better result?”, teams can come up with creative solutions that make the organisation more efficient in the long run.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • To which extent am I letting fear stop me from delegating responsibility?
  • How much am I supporting the ambitions of my team?
  • Which members of my team are ready to step up a level?
  • Am I allowing the team to find their own best way to do the job?

By Coaching 4 Results

9 recommendations for managing talent

Some of the qualities I see in talented people is that they know what they want, they have very high standards of quality, they usually can choose where they want to work, they know how to work independently, they are very competent and intelligent, are responsible and are proactive.

To manage talent make sure you follow the next 9 recommendations:

  1. Listen to them, give them a voice and recognise their contributions
  2. Be genuinely interested at human and emotional level
  3. Help them to reveal their passion
  4. Challenge their intellect and foster their creativity
  5. Support them in developing their skills
  6. Give them guidance and direction
  7. Increase their responsibility
  8. Keep your commitments and promises
  9. Learn from them

When you work as a team, especially with talented people, I strongly believe in this African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to get far, go together“.

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Fostering continuous development
9 recommendations for managing talent