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Methodology we apply in our interventions

One of the strengths of the Coaching 4 Results team is the ability to apply the most appropriate method of intervention, adapting to the need of change of our customers.

Business/Executive Coaching – individual/group/team

The coach helps the client (individual, group or team) discover new possibilities, improve skills and find solutions to challenges (the coach does not give solutions, but helps find them). Coaching helps people take the necessary actions towards achieving their objectives, allowing personal and professional development.

Shadow coaching

Many of our coaching processes involve Shadow Coaching, where the coach “shadows” the client, accompanying him or her in their daily activities, interactions with their team, etc. The coach gives more effective feedback through direct observation and the coachee makes quicker progress and achieves exceptional results.

Coach-mentor, Mentoring, Coach-trainer

This type of accompaniment follows the principles of coaching, but depending on the situation provides tools, approaches and ideas based on the experience of the coach/mentor. Areas in which we can adopt this role are: human behaviour, interpersonal communication, coaching techniques, leadership styles…


Group Training

We use different methods which provoke action, encourage the exploration of alternative ways of acting, promote analysis, reflection and self-knowledge and help train people for a better performance in their professional reality. During the training sessions we use diverse group dynamics, role-plays, video recordings, personal action plans and readings (books/articles).


Workshops, Facilitation, Intervision

In contrast to the training sessions, in these workshops we adopt the role of facilitator or moderator. We guide the group through a process and it is the team that decides on the content. Intervision is a type of methodology in which learning is encouraged among participants.


Horse-assisted learning (training/coaching)

We use the horse-assisted learning in order to develop certain skills (especially leadership and teamwork). The interaction with horses provides an experiential and dynamic way of learning which leaves a strong and sustainable impact. Due to their specific characteristics, the horses provide immediate, unfiltered feedback that allows us to see our attitudes more clearly and quickly. Horses act as mirrors of our behaviors, emotions and attitudes.

NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)

According to the need for change, we incorporate NLP techniques in our training and coaching processes. This methodology shows us the relationship between thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Some techniques we use: visualisation, anchoring, modelling…


Consultancy (strategic and HR)

The consultant has the expertise and specialised knowledge about a specific area and offers this experience to our clients; he advises, counsels, proposes, suggests. Coaching 4 Results offers strategic and HR consulting services.


Tests and (self) evaluations questionnaires

We believe that the success of an intervention depends largely on the identification of the area to develop (not necessarily a weakness). We use different tests, forms of self-evaluation and 360º assessment in order to detect strengths and improvement areas.


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