By Coaching 4 Results

Adult learning principles

I hope you all had a good summer vacation. I’m already back in full swing. Last Monday we started a new project with part of the fantastic team of Coaching 4 Results. It’s always exciting to deliver a first session with a new customer. In this case, a group of 16 professionals with their expectations, opinions, ways of acting …

For a trainer it´s a challenge to create the right climate for participants to learn and then to transfer the knowledge to their job. Therefore, I always have in mind the following adult learning principles:

  1. Focus on real problems and situations
  2. Emphasize how the learning can be applied
  3. Relate the learning to the participants’ goals
  4. Allow debate and the challenge of ideas
  5. Listen to and respect the opinions of participants
  6. Encourage participants to help each other
  7. Treat them as adults

I hope this serves as a reminder, especially if you are also devoted to training.