By Coaching 4 Results

Leadership Programme

This week I completed a Leadership Programme covering the following competencies: self-management, leadership & coaching, sales & negotiation, leading work meetings and communication. A whole year of work with a fantastic group of high potential professionals who came from Germany, Switzerland and the UK. The duration and intensity of the programme offered them a space for reflection, evaluation and practice and thus prepare them to take on more responsibility within their company. The mission of Coaching 4 Results has been to help our client prepare a new generation of leaders. As Peter Senge already said, “We understand that the only sustainable competitive advantage is an organization’s ability to learn faster than the competition.”

I will miss each and every one of the participants: their thoughts, ideas, interest and involvement, good humor and generosity. I understand training as an interactive and dynamic process. Only with the involvement and good attitude of the participants is real and lasting learning possible. Keep developing your talent!