Our team is made up of professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants with solid experience in the field of Management Development field and in the business world


José Miguel Moreiro

Founding Partner – Director
Executive Coach and Change Facilitator

The heart and soul of Coaching 4 Results. If there is a better way of doing things, he will find it. He is a frequent flyer, in every sense of the word and his DNA is a mix of cultures. He is a constant source of ideas and, above all, passionate about his profession.


Esther Vargas

Partner – Head of Finance and Quality
Project Coordinator

She makes things possible and brings clarity to all Coaching 4 Results actions in any field. Resolute, versatile, constant, positive and responsible. Thanks to her ability to organise and manage multiple tasks simultaneously, everything works.


Dolors García

Associate – Head of Executive Search
Executive Coach and HR Consultant

Her experience and knowledge in the HR area, together with her empathy and solution-oriented approach, make her a very balanced “people-business” profile. She has a great ability to spot talent and is able to develop managers with a very practical approach.


María Domínguez

Associate – Head of Training and Development
Executive Coach, Trainer and Consultant

Her dynamic, creative, practical and challenging personality makes things happen. Her results orientation together with her empathy and rigour are a guarantee to facilitate that changes and learning are effectively integrated into the day-to-day running of the organisation.


Javier Ortiz-Olave

Executive Coach and Facilitator

He understands the needs of client companies and knows how to get aligned appropriately. He inspires trust due to his business experience, his highly developed empathic listening skills and his ability to team up with the managers he helps in their professional development.


Toni Pérez

Executive and Team Coach

Coach with a vocation for “team play” and a vision of executive coaching enriched with ingredients such as sports coaching, NLP and nutrition. No business challenge related to the creation of high-performance teams can resist him.


Lisa Larson

Executive Coach, Trainer and Team Coach

Professional with extensive international experience, recognised for her expertise and ability to connect with people. She has coaching at its core and all her interventions are focused on facilitating the learning and growth of managers and teams.


Iolanda García

Leadership Skills Trainer

Passionate about helping professionals develop and grow to achieve effectiveness and well-being and discover the leader within themselves. Thanks to her extensive experience she understands the needs of clients and knows how to translate them into practical solutions.


Laia Cortés

Leadership Skills Trainer

She is in her element in the world of interpersonal communication. Conflicts, difficult conversations, negotiations and emotions are part of her area of expertise. She helps you improve your communication to develop your leadership skills.


Elena Stepanova

Executive Coach and Trainer

With solid international experience, rigorous, creative and people oriented. Seeks to facilitate well-being at work and emotional balance. She helps managers make decisions in transition processes, always focusing on what is really important.

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